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abdul muhamin

Hello there. Most of the addons are now compatible, for example remote and the IBM tts, click the above links to download. Also, try the following with your incompatible addons:

  1. Go to appdata/roming/nvda/addons.
  2. choose  the addon which is not working / incompatible.
  3. Now open its manifest.ini file.
  4. Change the last few things here. For example. minimumNVDAVersion = 2020.4

lastTestedNVDAVersion = 2020.4.

change it to 2021.1. boom, your addon will work as it was working before.

Note: this trick will not work on the speech synthesizers and some other addons which has the oldest API. But most of the small addons that we were using, are up to the task. For example, golden curser,  register favorite folders, addon packer, and wlan reporter.




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From: David Mehler
Sent: Tuesday, July 13, 2021 3:52 AM
Subject: [nvda] can't update




Running in to an addons issue that I am unable to surpass. Some addons

I'm using are incompatible with 2021.1. Specifically remote support,

Nuance Vocalizer 5.5, (backup of NV Speech Synth which is also

incompatible), and the IBM TTS speech driver. Any information on these

addons appreciated.








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