List promo (permission received from owner, write to me directly): Win10 Forum renamed to Windows Access with Screen Readers


Hi all,

First, as I read recent posts about add-ons and their compatibility with NVDA 2021.1, I noticed that what you need at this moment is assurance from folks that add-ons community understands your frustrations. I and/or NV Access will reserve a thread to that discussion.

For now:

As Brian Vogel indicated a few days ago, with the introduction of Windows 11, a Groups.IO forum found itself thinking about its forum title, as members over there felt it is time to also talk about Windows 11 in addition to Windows 10. Therefore, a poll about the new forum name was conducted last week, and based on results, I hereby announce that Win10 Forum for Screen Reader Users will henceforth be known as Windows Access with Screen Readers, or WinAccess for short. The forum will still talk about Windows 10, apps, Windows development, and variations such as HoloLens and Xbox, but will now include Windows releases from 10 onwards (this also means WinAccess welcomes discussion on Windows 11 and future releases).

The forum page can be found at:

Subscription address is

If you have any questions about WinAccess forum, please contact me directly (not here).

Thank you.



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