Re: NV Speech Player?

Quentin Christensen

NVDA remote has been updated, the website is a bit tricky - this version, updated today, does actually work with NVDA 2019.3 and later (including 2021.1) so the wording evidently hasn't been changed, but you'll notice it's now version 2.4:

For NV Speech Player, there is a note on the project GitHub page at:

"Maintenance Note
NV Access is no longer maintaining this project. If you make use of this project or find it interesting, and you have the time and expertise to maintain it, please feel free to fork it and let us know you are interested in taking it on.

This includes the speechPlayer core itself, plus the nvSpeechPlayer NVDA add-on also in this repository. Note that the eSpeak-ng/espeak-ng project also includes a copy of the speechPlayer code as an alternative Klatt implementation."

So, while I'm sorry to have to let you know we're not updating it, i would encourage you to further investigate eSpeak-NG in NVDA 2021.1 - and also if any developers are interesting in taking it on and updating it, the opportunity is there.

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On Tue, Jul 13, 2021 at 12:46 AM Chris Smart <ve3rwj@...> wrote:
Is it true what I'm reading on Twitter, that NVDA Remote hasn't been
updated yet?

Quentin Christensen
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