Training Materials

Bob Cole

Hello, everyone.

I’m not quite sure where this message belongs, so I apologize if it’s in the wrong place.

In 2019, I purchased the training materials from the online shop. One purchase was for the NVDA basic training, and the other was for training books for Microsoft word and Microsoft excel.

I had downloaded all of the manuals to my old phone. I ended up having to sell the phone because of financial issues. On the shop website, I’m given the option to download the books for Microsoft word in for Microsoft XL, but not for the basic training manual.

I was thinking about just re-investing in the basic training manual, but through the Kindle app this time…

I have two questions pertaining to this:
1) Are the manual still relevant and updated considering that the original publication date was in 2016?
2) Why is the download link not available to re-download the NVDA basic training manual or is that just a one time download?

Thank you so much for any and all help concerning this.

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