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Basically UI Automation, or UIA, is one way NVDA uses to get information from programs, Previously this has been an option available for Microsoft Word documents (this also includes email message bodies in Outlook because of the way Outlook presents messages).  In NVDA 2021.1 we've added the ability to use UI Automation to access Excel as well.

In some cases, using UIA can give more information about a document than IA2 or other methods NVDA uses internally to find out about documents, the formatting, where the caret is, etc.  In other cases, there may not be as much information available.  Choosing a method to use is a little like picking whether to use Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer - you have to use all the features of one - you can't use the best bits of both.

NVDA does not use UIA for Word or Excel by default, but the options are available in NVDA's advanced settings.  In some cases it can be worth trying them if something is not working in Word (or Excel), but if you are unsure, ask here or ask us at info@...

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What is ui automation? How does effect it affect our daily life?

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