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Sean Murphy

Each operating system has an accessibility framework or API where assistive technology and application  use this framework  to provide a person information on the label, state, value and role of components within the program.   For example, when you’re in an application and you hear okay button. The application could be using the accessibility framework to give you the information via your preferred screen reader such as NVDA. 

The original version of this technology was introduced into thousand approximately, called MSAA   All browsers use the UIA framework.  This framework provides a lot of properties which  screen readers do not utilise 

Note, on the Mac platform if an application doesn’t use their version of the accessibility framework then you cannot use the application. This applies on their mobile platform as well. Windows luckily you can get around this issue with such programs like NVDa and jaws   Not all applications on the window platform uses this technology either. Some applications that do use don’t necessarily use it correctly either.


My experience is the part 

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I just asked my google assistant what u I automation is.

It replied;  “u I automation is the successor to  micro so accessibility.”


I’m sure if you put the term in your favourite search engine,  you would get some real details.ft active


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What is ui automation? How does effect it affect our daily life?

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