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the only problem is that the email listed in about for Damien is no good.

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Clip speak does report when the event happens and it is almost always accurate.  It doesn’t just announce something when the commands are pressed.  it monitors activity to attempt to determine if the operation is actually performed. 
There is another older add-on that announced those operations when the commands are given and not based on anything else.
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I think the dilemma is that Clipspeak only reports that the Cut/Copy/Paste keypress worked, not that the actual task was successfully performed, even though 99% of the time it probably was.





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Out of curiosity is there any reason why the features in the clip speak addon was not made part of the foundation in NVDA? I would think that knowing that you have actually triggored a command as basic as copy, paste, cut...would be important to hear.

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Hi Jarek,


There is a page on the add-ons site listing the status of various add-ons for NVDA 2021.1:


I can see ClipSpeak listed there as not yet compatible - it might be worth double checking with the developer of that add-on as to where it is at.  I'm not sure about total commander.


Note that as new versions of add-ons are released, you will need to find them and download them manually - that process is not automated, although there is an "add-on updater" add-on which does do this, and which you can also find on the add-ons site:


Kind regards




On Mon, Jul 12, 2021 at 9:40 PM Jarek.Krcmar <Jarek.Krcmar@...> wrote:

Hello everybodi,

I have downloaded a new version of Nvda. I have found out, that some
addons are uncompatible with the version of Nvda 21.1.

I would like to know, whether will able to download the addons, for
example Clipspeak and Total Commander.




Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager



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