A suggestion about the NVDA update process

Giles Turnbull

This is a suggestion relating to the NVDA updater, rather than NVDA itself, and it's a question really for the programmers behind that installer.

I started updating to NVDA 2021.1 on my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet at about 1pm. At 3pm the progress beeps were still beeping and, assuming the update had hit a problem, I tried to abort the update but discovered there was no way to cancel the update.

Curious whether the update process would hang on my Dell laptop, I turned that on and was prompted that a new version of NVDA was available. I launched it and, immediately after the download had finished and I'd activated the Install button, I was taken to the Windows permissions prompt. And that is when I twigged that I'd not been taken to that on my tablet. When I returned to my tablet and Alt+Tabbed around the running programs , indeed the permissions promt was open, but I hadn't been taken to it, nor had I been notified it had opened and was expecting a response.

So my suggestion / question is whether there is any way that the progress beeps can be started only after the security button has been confirmed, rather than as soon as the Update button has been pressed. If the updater hadn't spent 2 hours beeping, then I wouldn't have thought it was doing something (or attempting to do something) as part of the update process.

The moment I found the security prompt and confirmed I wanted to go ahead with the installation, it completed within 30 seconds, as it usually does!

Just a thought :)


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