Re: Compatibility updates to the "Golden Cursor" add-on will not be provided

David Moore

Thanks, Joseph! I would be so grateful knowing Golden Cursor will work in the future! It is such a great advantage of using NVDA, being able to do so much with the mouse!

On Tue, Jul 13, 2021, 4:36 AM Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:

Hello everyone,

Because Golden Cursor is an important add-on for people, I'm thinking about intervening - that is, willing to edit Golden Cursor if no-one steps up. For now editing the manifest will work, but there are changes to be made inside the add-on source code itself that will let the add-on take advantage of changes introduced in really modern NVDA releases (part of this work involves linting the add-on source code to make it readable).



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