Golden Cursor 5.0 released #addonrelease


Hello everyone,


On behalf of NVDA add-ons community, I’m delighted to announce the immediate release of Golden Cursor 5.0, fully compatible with NVDA 2021.1:


NOTE: this is a manual update to those who need it now; for others, please wait until Golden Cursor 5.0 is offered to you via Add-on Updater.


Key changes include:


  • Modernized add-on source code as a whole, including taking advantage of features introduced in more recent NVDA releases. For those looking at source code, you will notice three things: use of scriptHandler.script decorator to easily define scripts and input help messages, using Python 3.6-style string literals (called “formatted string literals”) in places, and using a method from wxPython that is guaranteed to be compatible with older NVDA releases. The last part is what makes the add-on compliant with NVDA 2021.1 API, as the old method of centering dialogs (using a deprecated constant) is gone in NVDA 2021.1/wxPython 4.1.1.
  • Resolved long-standing issues with source code and potential bugs through source code lint procedure. A linter is a tool that tries to make program source code better by looking for programming errors, style issues, and other problems. For a long time Golden Cursor add-on had style and coding issues that caused add-on code to become less readable over time. With help from a linter called Flake8 (the same linter used by NVDA screen reader project itself), Golden Cursor 5.0 source code was made more readable. Plus, a potential bug was found where one or more messages could not be translated easily by translators, and this issue is resolved.


AN IMPORTANT REMINDER: I (Joseph Lee) am no longer actively maintaining Golden Cursor (since early 2020). In consideration for non-English speakers, I will release Golden Cursor 5.1 with localization updates later this year, and after that, I will become more serious about asking NVDA community to maintain this add-on in the future.





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