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Given the fact that I second the message below, I ahve a real, honestquestion about IBM tts.

Isn't Viavoice freely obtainable from IBM's ftp?

As a former IBM employee, I think it is, but I stand corrected if I'm wrong.

Thanks to anyone who will want to clarify this for me.

Ciao, stay safe,


On 14/07/2021 19:38, Brian Vogel wrote:

We're of precisely the same mind.  I had private discussions with Eric Damery of Vispero about this site, and the now defunct group they had on Groups.io, a bit over a year ago.  I was one who reported their group to Groups.io administration and they were shut down on Groups.io very shortly afterward.

When you have software developers producing commercial software for a niche market (and screen readers define niche market) you are literally starving the people that have fed you by pirating or hacking/cracking that software.  It's also theft, pure and simple.

That site is a den of thieves, and has remained so, and they're proud of their thievery and present themselves as "doing a service for the worldwide blind community."  Well, if what they're doing is a service, it's one I'd far rather do without.

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