Re: NVDA Global Commands Extension

sardar shankar

unable to install.
getting an error: "Add-on not compatible Installation of NVDA global
commands extension 9.7 has been blocked. An
updated version of this add-on is required, the minimum add-on API
supported by this version of NVDA is 2021.1"

On 7/14/21, brice Mijares <> wrote:
Will you explain what your talking about. I provided a link. It work for
me. once installed, all the info is in the help button under tool and
manage apps.

On 7/14/2021 9:19 AM, David Griffith wrote:

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Changed the  subject line to  make it more relevant .

Also the below copied from the first part of the latest user Manual
 including download link.

NVDA global commands extension - user's manual

Author: paulber19


GitHub repository:


• stable version 9.7


David Griffith

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*From: *brice Mijares <>
*Sent: *14 July 2021 17:14
*To: * <>
*Subject: *Re: [nvda] Clip speak

here is a drop link.

On 7/14/2021 8:13 AM, David Mehler wrote:

Hello David,
I'm not finding this addon, but am definitely interested in it. If
you've got a url that would be great or maybe the dev could put it on
the community addons page.
On 7/14/21, tim <> wrote:
That page is as useless as most of the add ons.
On 7/14/2021 4:19 AM, David Griffith wrote:
I don’t know why it is not on the Community  add-ons page but the
Global Commands Extension add-on add the ability to both detect and
announce copy and paste and select, as far as I can see as well as

does for NVDA in it s default settings. So install that and the

is sorted. I stopped using ClipSpeak ages ago.
It includes a host of other invaluable features as well.  I
especially use

the multiple level volume controls, quick access to speech history
system tray short cuts. It also adds a setting to enable NVDA,
like Jaws,

to loop around with single letter navigation to the top of web
pages if no

more elements are found. So if you press H for heading and there
are no

more headings it will announce that you are going back to the top
of the

page and find the first heading again for you.  The announcement
this better than Jaws as you are clearly told what is happening. I

this particularly useful. This specific feature is not enabled by

   in Global Commands Extension and you have to enable it in settings.
The best way to learn all the host of available features is to hit

plus J  which plays a tone to indicate that a layered series of

have been enabled ,  a bit like Jaws plus spacebar.  Now hitting
the H key

will open all the available commands in a menu from which you can

up and down to easily run each command and at the same time learn the
keyboard shortcuts for each command.
I think it is a brilliant add-on and gets regularly updated through
automatic notifications which come up in NVDA to invite update.
I have an older version of the actual add-on install but which the
add on

updated itself through NVDA to be compatible with the latest version.
Presumably you will need the latest initial add on version to work
in the

latest NVDA. A web search should find it I think.
I will try and find it myself if no search can find it.
David Griffith
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From: Louise Pfau
Sent: 14 July 2021 01:19
Subject: Re: [nvda] Clip speak
I had the same thing.  I can only assume that it won't be updated.  I
cross-reference my list of existing add-ons, because I've removed
all of

add-ons that were marked as incompatible as recommended in an earlier

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