Acapela Voices V1.7: Another False Positive Conflict With MalwareBytes Premium

David Goldfield

This is for those who use or are thinking of purchasing the Acapela addon for NVDA. In a previous version of NVDA I noticed that my Acapela voices would no longer load. I eventually traced the problem to MalwareBytes Premium identifying colibri.dll as a form of malware. I informed Acapela about this problem, created an exclusion for the file and promptly forgot about it. After upgrading NVDA to version 2021.1 I installed V1.7 of the Acapela voices and received a “cannot load acaTTS synthesizer driver” message when attempting to switch to the Acapela synthesizer. I actually didn’t even remember the MalwareBytes issue I had earlier and assumed that it might have been either a licensing issue or a corrupted file within the addon’s folder. I tried deactivating and reactivating my license and even uninstalled and reinstalled NVDA, deleting the contents of my Appdata\NVDA folder for good measure in the process. I contacted Acapela, who responded quickly and asked a few questions regarding the contents of specific folders. Finally, they asked what antivirus program I was using which jogged my memory of the false positive I received earlier from MalwareBytes. Sure enough MalwareBytes showed that I had several notifications which were the results of the program quarantining yet another file that it didn’t like, that being acatts.dll. Unfortunately, MalwareBytes does not seem to provide any sort of obvious audible method for notifying users that it just quarantined a file, something I plan to reach out to them about. Bottom line: I added that file to the MalwareBytes allow list and my Acapela voices now function as expected. I sent Acapela the relevant portion of the MalwareBytes report and asked that they please look into this. I just wanted to pass on this information to anyone else considering the purchase of these voices or to those who may be wrestling with this issue.



David Goldfield,

Blindness Assistive Technology Specialist

JAWS Certified, 2019

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