Re: Are there up to date add-ons for Winamp?


This should really be on the discussion list, but I don’t know who is on that list who is participating in this thread.   I’ll make the following point as briefly as I can.
Just because Winamp is old doesn’t mean it may not have real advantages because it has been around so long and people have developed utilities or other  support for it.
The late and missed Carlos developed a very easy to use time marker utility.  I often use for time markers when I’m listening to a book using Winamp.  JAWS has a time marker feature as well. 
I don’t know what other players may or may not have such a feature.
Will those who want to discuss this further do so on the chat list, at least if you want me to reply with information about the utility?  Or write me off list. 

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I can learn it. Chris Scarstid taught me how to use hot keys with various players  like winamp and windows media player.  If there’s a will there’s a way.


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It's a media player like Winamp. I didn't say it will behave exactly

like Winamp. You will need to learn how to use it, like any other new

program you've never used before.



I don't think it needs an add-on, but I have no idea what your

experience will be like.








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