Journal Software

Bob Cole

Hello, everyone.

I have really been wanting to start keeping a journal.

I don't particularly want to do something like this in Word, LibreOffice, or any other word processor. I would ultimately love to find something which would allow me to quickly access past entries if I would ever want to look back at them. I have been on the hunt for a dedicated journal writing application, but am not finding one that is fully accessible. I used RedNotebook when I used screen magnification much more regularly, but now that I rely on NVDA much more than anything, I want to be able to write a journal with as little use of vision as possible.

Are there any fully (or mostly) accessible apps out there for keeping a journal?

If not...I have recently been thinking of trying to develop my programming skills (which are minimal at best at present) and try to figure out what it would take to develop one myself.

I appreciate any input!

Thanks, everyone!

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