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Michael Micallef at FITA

Try the azzcardfile the latest version is v4.16 but right now there is also the new beta v5.0 beta 8 and its improving a lot. The website for the stable version is:

the website for the beta 5.0 beta 8 is:


I used it for a very long time and it solve me lot of problems.


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How would you want past entries to be searched?  I’ve never looked into journal software.  If I am keeping a list of entries on a subject and adding more over time, I place a phrase such as next entry on a line by itself before every new one.  I then use Notepad’s find command to move from entry to entry and, by reading a bit of each entry, perhaps the first line or less, I can very quickly determine if I want to read the past entry.  You also might want to keep a key word describing each or certain entries for fast reference, such as Next entry music or concerts or something that will tell you what the entry is about.


I use notepad just because it’s a very light weight program and I don’t benefit from a word processor in such a context.  I’m also more used to opening Notepad than another word processor but what you use is, of course your decision and if you want a light weight word processor, Word;pad is already on the machine, and there are other possibilities such as JARTE.


If you are worried about division by year, just write the name of the year on its own line when it changes such as 2022


I’d be interested in what journal writing programs offer.  But what I’m describing meets my needs when I’m doing something that is or is like a journal or a series I’m saving on a topic I’m interested in such as a number of articles on the same subject.



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Hello, everyone.

I have really been wanting to start keeping a journal.

I don't particularly want to do something like this in Word,
LibreOffice, or any other word processor. I would ultimately love to
find something which would allow me to quickly access past entries if I
would ever want to look back at them. I have been on the hunt for a
dedicated journal writing application, but am not finding one that is
fully accessible. I used RedNotebook when I used screen magnification
much more regularly, but now that I rely on NVDA much more than
anything, I want to be able to write a journal with as little use of
vision as possible.

Are there any fully (or mostly) accessible apps out there for keeping a

If not...I have recently been thinking of trying to develop my
programming skills (which are minimal at best at present) and try to
figure out what it would take to develop one myself.

I appreciate any input!

Thanks, everyone!

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