Re: problems wiht the nvda eloquence and sapi eloquence add on/apps

Chris Smart

I said earbuds, not ear plugs. but ok, whatever.

On 2021-07-15 12:41 p.m., Sarah k Alawami wrote:

Not very, and ear bloods hurt my ears. My headphone jack sounds like something from the 80s. lol!I had a nice 1 jack sound card once that broke when I sat on it, that thing was nice. If you all want to know more write me off line.


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If your computer has a 1/8 jack for audio out, what happens if you plug some cheap earbuds into it? How loud does that get?



On 2021-07-15 12:07 p.m., Sarah k Alawami wrote:

Probably never, not unless I need them. I can ear everything else, just not my synth speech, I need that voice to be loud. Is there an overwrite volume setting or a way to get the add on to go above 100 percent? I'm quite good at hacking, so I would not mind doing that.

On 15 Jul 2021, at 9:05, Chris Smart wrote:

At what point do you investigate hearing aids?


I have powered speakers on my computer or can plug in headphones, and either of those can get very very loud if need be.


On 2021-07-15 12:01 p.m., Sarah k Alawami wrote:

No, the inflectioni was a lot more in jaws way back in about 2000 to 2003. And the volume is way too low even with nvda cranked at 100 percent in volume control and in nvda itwwself. I'm now trying the add on and the result is the same, the volume is way way way too low for my liking. I need that thign blasting into my ears.

On 15 Jul 2021, at 7:52, Gene wrote:

I don’t see anything related to inflection in the SAPI program.  However, if you open the settings for Eloquence, not in NVDA, but in the program, you can tab around and see check boxes for volume and a few other settings.  You can check the checkboxs for the item you want and you can then tab to a field where you change the setting.  The check boxes say something like voice force change. 


But based  on your description, I wonder if there is a problem with how the SAPI 5 program is running on your machine.  When I tried the demo, there was inflection similar to that of JAWS.  The volume, as I recall, was fine.  I don’t recall if there was a volume setting in NVDA itself when using the program. 


If I understand what you are reporting, you hear no inflection.  this is definitely not expected behavior.  I’ve tried the SAPI program on more than one computer and had inflection similar to JAWS.



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Subject: [nvda] problems wiht the nvda eloquence and sapi eloquence add on/apps


Hello. I’m trying the eloquence add on and have also tried the sapi add on. I find that:


  1. The rate boost is gone.
  2. The inflection slider is missing
  3. The volume of the voice is way too low even at 100 percent.

I guess I’m too used to the IBM tts voice I’ve been using now since about 2017. I’m also used to the old eloquence from about 2003. Lol. Is there any way to get these sliders back with nvda? –


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