Re: NVDA Add-On that announces that Cut, Copy, & Paste have been triggered

David Griffith

I think the poster may be confusing the functions of Jaws and NVDA – as far as I am aware there is no inbuilt ability to use an append command in NVDA as in Jaws though I would be glad to be proven wrong.

Hence I don’t believe what she is asking for is possible as NVDA would obviously not announce a function that it does not have in the first place.

To check I opened the command quick reference and there is no reference to append in there at least a search could not find it.

I think the nearest thing which can be accessed with NVDA is the inbuilt Windows Clipboard history As far as I am aware this simply records text copied to clipboard and accessed through Windows V, not as a single appended content as offered by Jaws.


David Griffith.




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From: Brian Vogel
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I am uncertain as to what is being asked for as far as append.  Can someone explain?


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