Re: Journal Software

Tony Malykh

I see. Notepad indeed doesn't support images. Microsoft Word and alike would support that, but not sure how convenient that would be - back in the days when I could see Word was notoriously stubborn in putting my images in the worst possible corner of the document. So for images indeed I would imagine some specialized software might be better.

On 7/15/2021 4:11 PM, Bob Cole wrote:

Hi, Tony!

I like to take pictures of my boys (I've been on my own with them for over six years now), scenery, and other such things. The ability to add a picture(s) to a journal entry would be very helpful. My vision (what little there is) isn't degenerative, and it would be nice to go back to an entry and to see a photo of the described memory. :) I haven't used Notepad for a long, long it could be out of ignorance as to whether or not photos can be added there.

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