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Jacob Kruger

Chances are then that it's a hardware, or BIOS setting issue with the laptop's own physical keyboard - not sure what BIOS settings could be relevant, but, you might need to get a sighted tech to check that out for you.

And, FWIW, the reason I mentioned the physical keyboard in the first place is that, with all my laptops, I still just use external USB keyboards, since trying to work with a more compact, lapto keyboard, with, or without a numeric keypad would slow me down too much...<smile>

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On 2016-09-18 3:33 PM, marvin kotler wrote:

Good morning list; Marv here.  Someone asked me a question regarding an external keyboard.  When I plugged one into the laptop, the alt keys worked.  Do not know what to try next on the laptops keyboard.  The computer is an hp pavilion g6 notebook pc.  Anymore advice would be appreciated.  As stated previously, the alt keys on the laptops keyboard do not work properly.

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