Re: reading status bar with nvda

mukesh jain

i am using laptop with external full size keyboard attached with it. i
have tried set up keyboard layout to desktop in NVDA setting and then
tried to use NVDA (INSERT KEY)+SHIFT+END KEY as suggested but still
NVDA announces no status line found.

On 7/16/21, Brian Vogel <> wrote:
The keyboard shortcut for reading the status bar is:

Desktop Keyboard Layout:   NVDA + End

Laptop Keyboard Layout:  NVDA + Shift + End

It is unclear to me whether you are actually using laptop keyboard layout or
just using a laptop.  If the latter, and it has a number pad as part of its
keyboard, NVDA could be set to be using desktop keyboard layout.  Take a
look at NVDA settings, specifically NVDA + N, P, S, then the keyboard pane
to see how things are set up.  I use desktop keyboard layout on all my
laptops because they have full-sized keyboards with number pads.

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