Re: Voices With NVDA Question Please.


Sorry to stir the debate further but I think it's very unlikely that
the cortana voice is what you're hearing on the logon screen. The
cortana voice is female btw. The cortana voice, known as Microsoft
Eva, is restricted for Cortana. However, there is a registry patch you
can get online that you can run so Microsoft Eva is enabled under
SAPI5 voices for use with NVDA.

On 7/16/21, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
The below message asks a very important question.  You have spoken of
Narrator.  Does Narrator have the speech you want and is it the same
speech you hear at the logon screen?  If you only hear it at the logon
screen, it appears to be Cortana, based on the below message.

I don't have Windows 10 and I don't know what Cortana may be set to do.
But speech from digital assistants is much better than speech from
screen-readers.  It is speech from the cloud and is much more powerful
in the computing power that drives it and much more sophisticated than
synthesizers on personal computers.

I suspect a lot of people would want such speech, if they could get it,
for their screen[-readers.

But at this point, the most important question is, does Narrator use
that speech in general when you are using it or do you hear it at the
welcome screen and not when you use Narrator elsewhere? You have spoken
repeatedly of NVDA using one voice for a moment than changing to another
voice.  NVDA never does this,  Whatever speech you are hearing isn't NVDA.


On 7/16/2021 2:45 AM, Richard Bartholomew wrote:


As you mention what is spoken at the welcome screen, is this only when
you boot up your machine and, if so, might this be Cortana?

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Thank you for all this. I am going to search in to this, just to see
what I might find.

Thank you again.


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*Customize Narrator Voice in Windows 10 | Tutorials


*Customize Narrator Voice in Windows 10 - Winaero

or any one of a scad of tutorials that focus strictly on changing
voice parameters for Narrator.  If we need to do a deep dive into
Narrator that should be done on the Chat Subgroup, as it's not
NVDA related in any way.*

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