Is This a NVDA Setting or is this a Problem with the Site?

Martin McCormick

I went to the web site of

which is a company that makes a line of server-type devices and a
few actual servers one can put on their network to stream cable
and over-the-air TV on their WiFi or wired networks. I have a
device for cable and another for an outside antenna and they are
accessible if one is willing to use a little elbow grease
involving some programming and the use of such applications as
vlc to transcode or convert the mpeg4 packets these devices put
on your home network to mpeg2 which is what movies are encoded

I haven't visited that site in a few years and I also had
not done so with brave which is based on chromium and Windows10
with nvda so I was a little frustrated when I went there to get
the Windows10 software pack that can talk to those devices and
got as far as the Downloads link and then every solitary link
after that said, "graphic no description available."

There would be half a dozen of these no-help tags after
the main header.

I actually got the Mac and Windows software anyway by
using lynx on a Debian Linux command-line system but I was just
lucky that their web site is well enough done that it apparently
does not use javascript in the download portion of the web pages
but the labels I needed were right there and lynx read them plus
the download actually worked fine for both the Macintosh and the
Windows10 archives.

So I am wondering if I have failed to set nvda correctly
since you would think brave should work well for this purpose.

If anybody would like to try to see
what they get, go to Downloads and see if you can find your way
around the links just under Downloads. You don't need to
actually click on the files and download them as I do have them
but it's not very useful to keep hearing "graphic no description
available" Who knows what one might accidentally click on?

If I can change some setting and make it work, no need to
complain to Tech Support. If it really is broken, I will
congratulate them on the otherwise well-done site and remind them
that those of us who are blind also use TV and their devices
give us the whole data stream so we can get SAP if the program
has it but having information about what the links do is
necessary to work efficiently.


Martin McCormick

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