Re: Is This a NVDA Setting or is this a Problem with the Site?



Consider uninstalling and reinstalling Brave itself if you have not dedicated a lot of time to tweaking settings in Brave.

The difficulty here, and through no fault of your own, is that there are just so darned many settings, many of which can interact with each other, and if you've done any fiddling (and particularly if you don't remember specifically what) it becomes impossible for others to replicate the problems you're having.  There could also just be a weirdness with your installation of Brave that might be solved with an uninstall/reinstall.

But using another Chromium-based browser as a workaround is the best quick and dirty solution.  And even if you were to report the issues, and they were common to all Brave users, I've very often gotten the reply from various tech support folks to use Chrome or Edge.  They're never going to test their sites using every possible Chromium-based browser, and if the site works well in all respects using the two major ones then they've definitely done their due diligence.  I only expect testing on Firefox, Chrome, and Edge, at most.

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