Re: Mystery surrounding computer


Jacob's assessment is spot-on and would be my first avenue of investigation.

Marv, if I may ask a kindness from you, please stop splitting threads.  This all should have remained under the original "Question regarding computer" thread.  Every time a subject is changed a new thread is created and it becomes impossible for those of us who use the web interface to follow a single problem/issue/question/discussion from its start to its finish because it is fragmented.   A change of subject should occur if and only if a tangent occurs that would warrant one, and those don't occur often.  Clarifications should be answered on the thread on which they were requested.  This is but one example of where keeping related information together is important.

I worry a lot. . . I worry that no matter how cynical you become it's never enough to keep up.

         ~ Trudy, in Jane Wagner's "Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe"


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