Re: What exactly is an "object"?


On Sat, Jul 17, 2021 at 02:41 PM, Gene wrote:
An interesting aspect of objects is that they can be very large.
Yup, because, in the case you describe, the object is the "text container" for the entire document.

Objects are hierarchical as well, in that certain objects can only occur embedded in other objects.  A good, but stupid example, being that if the object is a button there is no text container that can be within it, but if the object is a window, there are all sorts of potential objects that could be in that.  Just playing with reporting the current object, and moving out to the containing object a couple of times gives you a sense, to some extent, of the kind of scoping.  I just did that while looking at the NVDA Commands Quick reference in Brave and you move from the document content, to the document, to the Brave tab (reported as application window, I think), then out to the desktop.

I really do need to play with object navigation more extensively to get an intuitive feel for the scoping that's going on for various objects when using various applications.  Eventually you're always going to end up back at an application window, followed by desktop if you keep moving out to the next containing object.  But where you end up if you keep moving from the current object to its first contained object is directly dependent on what the current object happens to be and what other types of objects it is capable of containing.

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