Two Janets was NVDA find command not working

Janet Brandly

Hi Jackie,

It is another Janet who was asking about voices for NVDA. AS for "find", I have tried both versions.


Janet B

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Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA find command not working

Janet, might I ask what keys you're pressing to find material on screen?

I ask this because NVDA can work w/2 versions of the find command. The well-known one is control f. That one actually is generally owned by the particular application in use, ie, Word, Notepad, etc. The 2nd 1, NVDA +control + f, is generally used in a "virtual cursor" situation, ie, a web browser, etc. So I guess the question I'm really asking--& taking the very very long way around the barn to do it--is whether you've tried both commands w/this program.

Also, regarding your voices thread, I note that your email is a Canadian one, so you should have Canadian voices installed by default, & I suspect that's what you're hearing. If so, you're correct--they're absolutely stunning--& the good news for you is that you won't likely even have to install them, as they already are if you've set your region to Canada.

On 7/16/21, Arlene <nedster66@...> wrote:
Hi, I’ve heard of that program. Good luck with your Medical transcription.

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From: Janet Brandly
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Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA find command not working

Hi Brian,

No, not harsh at all.

I am trying to use a medical transcription program called InScribe,
version 7. Unfortunately, for anyone to help, they would have to have
the software installed on their computer. I just thought I would ask
just to see whether anyone had any general tips/tricks they might have
found helpful in similar situations with other programs, not necessarily this specific program.

Thanks anyway,


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Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA find command not working


Several points, and none meant to sound as harsh as they may be taken to be:

1. What is the "complicated transcription program"? Generalities do
not help. Identifying software and version is essential as no one can
divine what you're using nor know whether they've used it themselves.

2. I presume this is medical transcription, and understand the
privacy concerns. But can you not replicate the issue when you create
a "junk document" where you paste in completely non-private text from somewhere?
That would potentially allow someone to offer remote assistance or for
you to share the screen.

There is no way, really, to assist based on the dearth of specific
information. Any potential assistant needs to know what program(s)
are involved, or websites, etc.

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