Re: Is the NVDA Commands Quick Reference available in some searchable document format? (e.g. PDF, docx)



I don't use Adobe Acrobat DC, as I've not cared for Adobe's own readers for some years now, and they keep getting worse and worse as far as my personal taste goes.  I've been using Tracker Software's PDF-XChange Viewer for years, even though they call it a "discontinued download" it's still available from their site and they've updated it many times since its deprecation to discontinued status.  It is absolutely not a good general purpose reader for screen reader users, as it's not accessible in its entirety (or even close to it) and will never become so.  That being said, I often recommend it to blind users who need to OCR process lots of old image-scanned PDFs and save the resulting text layer along with the original image content and never need to OCR it again (and to be able to give it to the source of the original file and ask them to use it instead so no one has to do this work again).  It's OCR capabilities are remarkable, and free, and in addition to English, Spanish, German, and French that "come with" you can also get many additional language packs, either separately or all of them at once, for no cost.  And the OCR function is entirely accessible, and proved to be invaluable for several of my former clients who were in graduate school at the time and got lots of ancient image scanned PDFs as part of their course reading material.  I also had a private client at one point who found the ability to OCR Swedish language texts really, really helpful.

I'm printing out of Brave and have used PDF Creator (my usual preferred virtual printing utility), Brave's own Print to PDF option, and Microsoft's Print to PDF virtual printer.  The only one of those that's created a PDF that I can then apply OCR on successfully, for the NVDA 2021.1 Commands Quick Reference, is MS's.  That's never happened to me in the past, and I could not begin to count how many PDFs I've generated via virtual printers, particularly PDF Creator, that did not have this issue.

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