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Well, we have a aying here in Italy, which I couldtranslate asfolows, though I don't think it'd convey the strength of the Italian:

"Troppa efficienza porta alla deficienza"  (To much efficiency leads to deficiency). When rules and regulations, guidelines and requirements are too stringent, they end up alienating people and lead to loss of enthusiasm and to deciding to refrain rom sharing valuable ideas.

REady to be banned...

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On 18/07/2021 06:11, John Isige wrote:

I agree. I thought of submitting an addon, but frankly I don't feel like signing up to the mailing list, I'm on too many as it is, and I forget what all else you have to go through. All my addon does is reclass a window for a program as a terminal window, it's literally ripped directly from NVDA source for puTTY, I just changed the window/program name, obviously. It seems like a lot of having things just so just to get it approved. I also don't know how many people would be interested in using it. So it works great for me for the BBS client I'm using. But it seemed like a bit of a hassle to get the addon into the pretty specific guidelines wanted for submissions.

On 7/17/2021 6:20 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Sat, Jul 17, 2021 at 06:49 PM, Josh Kennedy wrote:

could someone please put the object enhancer customizer addon,
onto the NVDA community addons page

That is almost entirely at the discretion of the add-on developer, who must submit the add-on for vetting before it lands there.  And many do not want to do this for a variety of reasons.

I have been pushing/arguing/begging for years that the NVDA Community Add-Ons Page have some option to present Vetted Add-Ons along with a separate section, or page, for unvetted "home grown" add-ons created by various community members.  The fact of the matter is that:

1.  Many developers do not want to undergo the vetting process.
2.  Though vetting is, without doubt, valuable since experienced developers can examine code for fitness, security, etc., and make recommendations to the developer for "tying up any loose ends" in their code, it's not essential.  Both the user community and developer benefit from this process, but it's not essential.
3.  There are quite a few add-ons that have been in common circulation for years that are home grown and unvetted.  They work for those who need the functionality they offer.
4. Users of NVDA are, or should be, perfectly capable of understanding that listing of an add-on on a separate unvetted/at your own risk page means just that.  NVAccess is not responsible for anything that happens when one chooses to use those add-ons.  But it's still a service to the community to have a central distribution point for NVDA add-ons that developers want to place there, but who do not wish to undergo the rigors of the vetting process.

One of the many beauties of NVDA is the abundance of add-ons that have been home grown to address some specific user's need that could then be shared if the person who created it is so inclined.  But right now there is no place to do that, and making that an extension of the existing "add-ons marketplace" is what makes sense.

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