Re: Is the NVDA Commands Quick Reference available in some searchable document format? (e.g. PDF, docx)


On Sun, Jul 18, 2021 at 08:56 AM, Martin McCormick wrote:
It's [plain text] a clunky old format but I wish more emails and manuals existed in ASCII text because, while operating systems, computers and the objects they use to process everything come and go, plain text is the one common denominator.
The problem being that these texts are meant to be read by sighted humans, and plain text is just a horrible, horrible format for that purpose.

These electronic formats that allowed the reproduction of what had been in use for hundreds of years in printed materials came into existence because the primary purpose is ease of reading, including all the information carried by formatting, for the vast majority of readers, who happen to be sighted.  And the conventions used in print media came about because they allow a myriad of things to be communicated with ease using things such as table layouts, italics, different fonts and font sizes, and the list goes on and on and where the visual presentation itself is what aids this.

And, though I'll possibly be excoriated for making this observation, if you are writing anything beyond quick notes or emails or similar you simply have to write for a sighted audience as far as knowing how formatting works, at least if you want to operate in the world at large.  The sighted world is the primary target for written information.  The very medium itself was invented as a visual medium (even though Louis Braille did a brilliant transcription into a tactile medium, but there is a loss of certain meta-content embedded in the visual version when doing so for certain things).

These formats exist because they serve a very vital purpose.  It may not be one that serves you, personally, as an individual, but they still serve a vital purpose for a simply massive audience.

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