Re: Mystery surrounding computer


Hey stay cool I wasnt being literal






From: Gene
Sent: 18 September 2016 16:56
Subject: Re: [nvda] Mystery surrounding computer


this is evidently a new computer.  it's very unlikely.  In addition, incorrect cleaning of a laptop keyboard my void the warranty or in some way make the machine not possible to return.  I either wouldn't do any such thing or I would be very careful in what I decided to do.  And if another key were stuck down, you would expect far more problems than just the alt keys not working.  


From: Chris

Sent: Sunday, September 18, 2016 10:32 AM

Subject: Re: [nvda] Mystery surrounding computer


You not got another key stuck down by any chance ?

Give your keyboard a good scrub and polish its a long shot but it may work


Good luck





From: marvin kotler
Sent: 18 September 2016 14:33
Subject: [nvda] Mystery surrounding computer


Good morning list; Marv here.  Someone asked me a question regarding an external keyboard.  When I plugged one into the laptop, the alt keys worked.  Do not know what to try next on the laptops keyboard.  The computer is an hp pavilion g6 notebook pc.  Anymore advice would be appreciated.  As stated previously, the alt keys on the laptops keyboard do not work properly.




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