Re: Adding more add-ons to the core


I 100% agree with this proposal. I think adding some addons to the
core will make them more within reach, and we can of course keep
making new ones. Addons are a good way to add app specific
functionality, add extra features not crucial for absolutely everyone,
and test drive features and if they are used widely enough adding them
into the core shouldn't cause too many problems. For example, and this
is just my opinion, Addon updater deserves to be in the core since its
the backbone of keeping all other addons up to date, and some of the
Clipboard addons could be nice in core.

On 7/18/21, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
Off and on it is stated that an add-on will be added to the core. I don’t
recall this being discussed before, but since this is the second time in
perhaps two years or less that a lot or most add-ons have been made
incompatible, it raises the question if more should be added.

How often is this likely to happen and at what point are add-ons going to be
more likely to be lost through attrition if developers don’t want to keep
updating them? Perhaps more serious attention should be given to adding
more of them to the core.

I know the argument about keeping NVDA small but add-ons don’t take much
room and adding many of them to the core wouldn’t make the program bigger to
any extent that matters.


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