The last OK button during the Run COM Registration Fixing tool... and the creation of a portable version

Dejan Ristic


When I created the portable version of NVDA, the last OK button didn't work correctly. It didn't do when I ran COM Registration Fixing tool..., either. When I pressed it after NVDA announced that the action was successful, NVDA focus was not returned to desktop, or an application I might be running. When I pressed NVDA and tab to see the focus, it said: NVDA unknown invisible focused.

I don't think that it is a fatal bug, but when the next NVDA version comes out, I may happen to face this issue and I'm afraid that the installation process may be incomplete because that last OK button makes NVDA stuck up in the mud. I can restart NVDA successfully when it happens, but I think that it is a good idea to let you know of this.

I may also provide you with a log if you wish me to, as well.

My operating system: Windows 7, 64 bit.

NVDA version: latest stable.

Note: This happens with a portable latest version, too.



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