Re: Adding more add-ons to the core


I will offer some observations as an end-user and as a former programmer (though not in Python nor for NVDA):

1.  We have seen a fairly constant integration of some add-on functions into the NVDA Core code over time.  Joseph has mentioned some of those and, I believe, that Add-On Updater, mentioned by Jujube, is already in the pipeline for integration into the NVDA core.  I'm sure Joseph can confirm/refute.

2. Even if the fix, now, happens to be just tweaking a manifest file (and I'm sure that's going to be true for a number of add-ons) those add-ons need to have maintainers, and human ones, because this will not always be the case.

3. The nature of the changes that have triggered the last two backward compatibility breaking NVDA releases do not strike me as being routine, and history pretty much bears that out.  That being said, we're moving more and more into the age of "[insert thing here] as a service," which means a development cycle that's substantially different than what had been the case for decades.  But that does not necessarily mean that underlying coding foundations will changed, and that's what happened in the backward compatibility breaking releases.

Even if a given add-on is a home-grown one, I think (and I hope) that there is going to be a requirement that these be released as open-source and with licensing such that if one were to become abandonware for any reason (and death of the developer is sometimes one of those) that there will be zero issue with someone, anyone, who's qualified and interested to pick up the torch and continue on.  But even if this is true I do expect that certain add-ons will pass out of existence on rare occasion.  Software, all software, has a finite shelf life "as issued" and much like a house needs to have constant, ongoing maintenance in order to keep from slowly falling apart.

Nothing is so constant as change, and nowhere is change so constant and rapid as in the world of computing and electronics.

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