Re: Mystery surrounding computer

Chris Mullins

Have you tried:


Checking device manager to see if (A) the machine thinks the keyboard is working properly and (B) there are no updates available for the keybord driver.


In addition, have you switched on the “speak command keys” (NVDA+4 to see what is voiced when using alt+? Type keypresses.




From: [] On Behalf Of marvin kotler
Sent: 18 September 2016 14:33
Subject: [nvda] Mystery surrounding computer


Good morning list; Marv here.  Someone asked me a question regarding an external keyboard.  When I plugged one into the laptop, the alt keys worked.  Do not know what to try next on the laptops keyboard.  The computer is an hp pavilion g6 notebook pc.  Anymore advice would be appreciated.  As stated previously, the alt keys on the laptops keyboard do not work properly.


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