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On Mon, Jul 19, 2021 at 10:07 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:
actually, backward compatibility breaks will be an annual thing, according to NV Access. The reason being to modernize NVDA, to keep up with technology and market conditions, and in case we move to newer Python and dependencies, to take advantage of features offered in newer releases.
I'm quoting this to support my own earlier statements about code shelf-life in general, as it's always been there, it just used to be longer (for a great many things).

One thing I notice over time is how many people make statements that indicate that backward compatibility should be of the utmost importance, whether they say that directly or not.  The reality is that trying to maintain anything even approaching perpetual backward compatibility is a sure way to the trash bin of history for any product, including NVDA.

The time is coming, and it's coming sooner than I think many believe, when backward compatibility with Windows 7 is going to have to break.  And there should be no problem with that, as Windows 7 will have been out of support for at least a couple of years by then.  But there are a number of users who still insist on sticking with Windows 7, and I'm telling them, now, that this is not a viable choice over the long term, and a very bad choice in the present.  If you are a Windows user, and intend to remain a Windows user, you must stick with the version(s) that Microsoft is supporting at any given point in time.  Right now that's Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, and will soon enough include Windows 11.  And the no-cost upgrade path from Windows 7 to Windows 10 still exists and works.  The need to keep up with the current operating system version for any OS ecosystem is vital; it's not just a Windows thing.  Those on Windows 7 need to transition, whether they'd prefer to or not.  Your preference, and mine, too, are irrelevant.

I am well aware of the financial constraints that face many users, and sympathize with them, but that's not going to change the big picture in any way.  In the computing world you have no choice but to keep up with "what works now, and will continue working," or fading away.  That's true of both end users and software producers as well.  Most of us would not buy, say, a car that was produced today that used what was state of the art technology for 1967.  Think in the same terms as far as computing goes, and shorten up the time frame into no more than a decade, at most.

If you are going to be in the world of computing, whether strictly as an end user or in any other capacity, you must accept that the pace of change is rapid, and the need to keep up with changes is not optional.  NVAccess is doing what it needs to do to remain viable in the marketplace.  If it does not, it will cease to exist.

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