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On Mon, Jul 19, 2021 at 11:21 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:
Even though we are volunteers, I still think it is important for developers to listen to what users are saying.
Being a volunteer in many places, including here as moderator, I take volunteer commitments more seriously than paid ones (and I take those quite seriously, indeed) because they are commitments I chose.  They were not foist upon me by any outside forces, but by choice.  There's an honor element to that.

And that is not to say it's in any way dishonorable to recuse oneself from any volunteer positions when one's life circumstances or desires change.  But there is a right way, with some attempt to find someone to fill your shoes and show them the ropes where that's needed, and a wrong way, packing up one's proverbial toys and going home, to do that.  A graceful exit is best practice in virtually all circumstances, even in those where the urge to burn those bridges then blow them up, too, is strong.  Bad behavior tends to come back to bite you in the posterior.

And if you're developing software where the intended (not accidental, but intended) target demographic extends beyond yourself, it behooves you to listen to their feedback.  If you've developed something for yourself, and it serves your needs, but you pass it around for others to use that's an entirely different circumstance.

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