can't shuffle pandora anywhere but IE.

ken lawrence

Hi list a followup on the issue I asked about the other day.  I tested what the person answering suggested and it doesn’t work.  for those who didn’t read my message, I mentioned on this list that I could shuffle my pandora stations on internet explorer but the problem is that very anoying message, internet explorer has stopped working, a problem has cause the program to stop working correctly.  windows will close the program and notify you of a solution which it nevver does.  it makes internet explorer a pain to use but the space bar doesn’t activate any stations or the shuffle function.  the reply suggested that I snap on focus mode but that didn’t work.   what did happen was space paused the music.  is there any reason why google chrome or firefox doesn’t recognize html 5 elements on pandora it says clickable clickable clickable shuffle like that it knows it’a clickable item but neither enter or the mouse buttons work.  even when move to focus command is used in or out of focus mode.  since IE is so buggy and unreliable and supposedly pandora is optomized for chrome is there something else I can do to make NVDA react to supposed clickable graphics.  it is a pain listening to pandora with IE randumly stopping and restarting and closing and reopening tabs.  it is why IE isn’t my default browser.  any suggestions how to switch stations without the create station field as a workaround?  BTW I do have hope but don’t have a credit card to activate/buy it as a full version. 

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