Re: Shortcut commands stopping working in NVDA

Don H

If this is a hardware issue why does restarting NVDA fix the issue?

On 7/21/2021 6:40 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Wed, Jul 21, 2021 at 07:36 PM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
This is not anything new, now we need to figure out why this happens.
I say the following not to be snarky, but if it is actually sticking keys, we already know why this happens.
Another good thing, and dirt cheap, is to obtain a USB keyboard (and thrift stores are loaded with them, fully functional) to keep "as the testing spare" and check if the issue persists, when it occurs, on a different keyboard that's available for the machine.
If the shortcuts work immediately when you use the alternative keyboard, and consistently, you know you have a hardware issue of some sort with your primary keyboard.  While these are, relatively speaking, rare they are far from never happening.
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