Re: Update appears to have broken Musescore accessibility with NVDA

umut korkmaz

We can continue our work with a different tempo number than the one we started in a piece. Let's assume that the first 16 measures in our work are 4/4 (four quarters), and the next four measures are 9/8 (nine eights).

1. We write down our first 16 measurements.

2. When we reach the 17th measure, we press the letter n to make sure that we are in step-by-step note entry mode.

3. Press Shift+F9 to open the main palette window.

4. In the tree view, we find the option Numbers with the down arrow key.

5. Press the Shift+tab keys once, select the 9/8 procedure number from the list that comes up with the arrow keys and press the enter key.

Now, we can see that the first 16 meters of our work have the number of 4/4, and from the 17th measure, the number of 9/8.

Let's say we want to go back to the 4/4 procedure number after the 33rd measure. In this case, it will be sufficient to repeat the above operations and this time select the 4/4 option from the list and press enter.

We can also add a measure that is not in the size list.

For this:

Again, in the measurement numbers window, when you type 5 in the first writing field and 8 in the second writing field, then find the add button with the tab key and press the enter key, five octal procedure numbers are added to the list.

However, the procedure numbers added later cannot be read by NVDA yet.


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Kimden: Christopher Bartlett
Gönderilme: 22 Temmuz 2021 Perşembe 18:33
Konu: [nvda] Update appears to have broken Musescore accessibility with NVDA


This may not affect a lot of people, but I went to edit a musical score this morning, and I had lost access to most of my controls.  I know that the Musescore folk have been doing a lot of accessibility-focused work, so I was a little surprised.  I'll also be reporting this on their forums.  (fora?)


Christopher Bartlett

p.s.  Example, when attempting to edit a tempo marking, a dialogue is supposed to appear, allowing you to change the BPM, and the note length that forms the beat.  After updating to 2021.1, that dialogue may be visible, I don't know, but NVDA doesn't appear to see it, either in normal mode, nor even as an object in object navigation mode.



Christopher Bartlett


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