Re: Update appears to have broken Musescore accessibility with NVDA


Oh wow I will have to check that. I also use Musescore a bit but I
have not opened it as of late. I know NVDA has some of the best
support for Musescore and I have to admit that it was certainly a
factor in choosing it as my main screen reader so yeah...

On 7/22/21, Christopher Bartlett <themusicalbrewer@...> wrote:
This may not affect a lot of people, but I went to edit a musical score
this morning, and I had lost access to most of my controls. I know that
the Musescore folk have been doing a lot of accessibility-focused work, so
I was a little surprised. I'll also be reporting this on their forums.

Christopher Bartlett
p.s. Example, when attempting to edit a tempo marking, a dialogue is
supposed to appear, allowing you to change the BPM, and the note length
that forms the beat. After updating to 2021.1, that dialogue may be
visible, I don't know, but NVDA doesn't appear to see it, either in normal
mode, nor even as an object in object navigation mode.

Christopher Bartlett

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