Re: Shortcut commands stopping working in NVDA


Pranav, I was, actually.

On 7/22/21, Curtis Delzer <curtis@...> wrote:
But, Gene is pointing out a behavior which has nothing to do whatever
with anything truly "sticking" in the real world, but only in the
electronic one. Jaws does this where it believes a given control or alt
key gets stuck in the past, where I've fixed it by pressing the added
key which jfw always indicated was stuck, when in fact, if it were
mechanically stuck I'd hear either repeats of the control key, or alt
key, or interrupted speech because my synth would be interrupted by a
real sticky mechanical action. :)
Tapping the "stuck" key usually fixed the action in JFW, I'll try and
see if it fixes NVDA, but I doubt it.

Curtis Delzer
K 6 V F O
Rialto, CA


On 7/21/2021 4:33 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Wed, Jul 21, 2021 at 06:54 PM, Gene wrote:

If it turns out to be keys getting stuck, that may lead to a


Before I say what I'm about to say, I want to preface it with this
contribution is greatly appreciated, at least by me.  This is a great
diagnostic to undertake.

With that being said, if the root cause were traced to literal sticky
keys, the solution is getting a new keyboard.  There is nothing that the
developers of NVDA could or should do about sticking keyboard keys.

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