Re: Adding more add-ons to the core


Hi Eilana, I see where you're coming from and this addons issue is
indeed a concern. I agree that some addons should enter core but
others should not. Nothing's perfect and roadblocks do occur, and this
is one of them that we do need a good solution to overcoming. I hope
we figure out something that's workable. I personally trust Joseph's
perspective as he's a developer and I think the developer community
has our best interests at heart. I heard that addon compatability will
hopefully only be broken once a year which is still kinda a bit much
but at least it's not that bad. It sounds like there's some rapid
changes to Python code which is quite unfortunate...
PS. I don't take the results of the WebAIM survey too seriously as the
sample size is fairly small, it's based on self selection and so the
accuracy is debatable, but we should also remember that NVDA is very
popular outside North America, especially in developing countries
where other more expensive solutions aren't an option, plus, JAWS has
also become much more affordable thanks to the home annual license
subscription in North America so that definitely tips things.

On 7/22/21, Eilana Benish <benish.ilana@...> wrote:

I totally agree with you

in addition I heard about users that moved fromNVDA to JAWS because of this
- even loyal users who usedNVDA for many many years and refused to useJAWS.

also in the recent survey fromWebAIM it seems that there is decrease in the
use ofNVDA among blind users.

it is important to keep in mind that most of the users are standard users
and they want a complete product. they do not need to search the add ONS for
all compatibility's or incompatibilities.

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