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One important question which wasn’t asked is why people who switch have switched screen-readers.  though not a scientific survey, that question may provide useful information.
I saw a message earlier today saying that it may be in part because of recurrent add-on incompatibility problems.  But since no question is asked, that, while an interesting speculation, isn’t addressed in the results.  Thus, even as anecdotal evidence, the survey doesn’t address this important question.

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So taken the amount of users to survey participants is way off and hard to take as fact when no supporting proof besides survey.
Self-selected participants and statistically insignificant sample size makes any survey such as this nothing more than anecdotal data.

While anecdotal data can be interesting in its own right, it cannot be used to draw any conclusions about the target population as a whole.  You must have a randomized sample of sufficient size to do that.

Self-selection of participants is an instant reliability and validity killer.

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