Add-on updates part 1: Control Usage Assistant, Enhanced Touch Gestures, GoldWave, StationPlaylist #addonrelease


Hello everyone,

If you are getting Add-on Updater notifications as you read this email, you are not alone:” several add-ons are being updated, including most of my add-ons.

The following add-ons received updates:

  • Control Usage Assistant 21.08: localization updates
  • Enhanced Touch Gestures 21.08 (localization updates, initial support for Windows 11)
  • GoldWave 21.08 (localization updates)
  • StationPlaylist 21.08 (localization updates, removing a debug tone for encoder support)

IMPORTANT: the next version of NVDA (2021.2) makes changes that will affect many add-ons. Therefore, future add-on releases from me will require NVDA 2021.2 shortly after the stable version is released, and until then, there will be no add-on updates. The only exception is Windows App Essentials (part 3 of add-on updates series) – at least one follow-up release will be made to respond to Windows 11 changes.

As always, these add-on updates (and others to follow) can be found from community add-ons website and via Add-on Updater.



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