Re: nvda slows wi-fi

Steve Nutt

I can’t imagine that NVDA slows down Wi-Fi, even if it is searching for a Braille display, which is either serial or Bluetooth, not Wi-Fi.


What makes you say that NVDA is slowing down wi-fi?


All the best




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From: <> On Behalf Of dennis huckle
Sent: 23 July 2021 16:18
Subject: Re: [nvda] nvda slows wi-fi


Hello again,

Think I may have found the problem.

My braille display is now turned off and I suspect nvda was searching for it.

Can’t think why nvda still should have slowed down wi-fi.

Kind regards,

Dennis huckle.



From: <> On Behalf Of dennis huckle
Sent: 23 July 2021 16:06
Subject: [nvda] nvda slows wi-fi



For some reason nvda 21.4 slows down my wi-fi connection.

This has only happened recently.

I have now used jaws 2019 with no problem.

Tried uninstalling nvda and re-installed but still the same problem.

Any advice please.

For what its worth nvda works reasonabley on ethernet connection.

Kind regards,

Dennis huckle.


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