locked IBM TTS/Viavoice & Eloquence - Other than those bundled with software known to be legal #adminnotice


This topic is an announcement only, and will be locked immediately after it is posted.

First, the reason I am posting this is so that there is complete clarity as far as what the policy of the NVDA Group is, which I'll repeat here, verbatim, from an earlier message from our Group Owner, Nimer Jaber:

There is no legal way to use IBM TTS, or Eloquence, unless it is bundled with a legally purchased product. The information is according to NV Access. Please, do not post any additional topic regarding Eloquence or IBM TTS unless we are discussing the paid add-ons. Anyone posting anything about IBM TTS or Eloquence illegally obtained, or anyone posting links to such will be placed on moderated status.

Any 2nd posting attempt may very well result in banning from the group.

I have received a private question which was entirely appropriate about my prior statement regarding the legality of this software in the topic, IBM TTS is not working in NVDA, in message  , dated July 15, 2021.  Additional, and definitive, information about "right to use" the IBM/Viavoice/Eloquence TTS voices became available after my message, and that information clearly indicated that I was wrong in my initial assessment regarding the legality of obtaining and using IBM/Viavoice/Eloquence TTS voices in conjunction with the driver mentioned in that post.  So consider this an official retraction of that entire post.  When new information becomes available, my positions will change if indicated.

Thus, all further discussion of the use of these voices outside commercially available software that includes them is not permitted in the NVDA Group.

Thank you all in advance for your cooperation.

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