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Scott Salzman

I just wanted to add that using the Alt + Spacebar keystrokes might be useful for getting confirmation of the size status of the current window.  This keystroke combination will open a menu that includes options to minimize or maximize the current window, in addition to other options.  With my default settings, NVDA doesn't announce anything when I maximize a window using this method, but if I then repeat the Alt + Spacebar keystrokes, NVDA will announce that the maximize option is "unavailable", which can be used to confirm that the window is currently maximized.


Hope this helps with confirming the state of the window.




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See the Microsoft Support Page:  Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows

Search on minimize and maximize, as there are various ways to do this.

That being said, the description for the F11 command is, in my opinion, misleading.  It's not a minimize/maximize toggle, but full-screen/windowed toggle.

WinKey + Up Arrow maximizes the window that currently has focus.

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