onedrive window seems to be unaccessible to NVDA and also Narrator



before I would file an issue on NVDA's github, I ask here, if anyone has a solution:
yesterday I deleted accidantly some files from my local folder, which is synced with my onedrive. then onedrive pushed a notification, if I want to delete them also from onedrive and in the systray its icon changed status from up to date to requiers attention or something like that.
When I tried to interact with onedrive, it was impossible, both NVDA with normal mode and with the obbject review and Narrator were unable to read its interface and said "unknown" or did not see any object.
So, how could I interact with it or should I file a bug on NVDA's side?
But due to this issue exist also with Narrator, there is perhaps also a bug in onedrive's side.

thanks for your kind help.

best regards,

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