Well nvda 2021.2 is supposed to be the version fully supporting windows 11.

How did you get this message.

If its the new pc health check app or other requirements meeting app, then you will have to wait till late october.

If its a popup just don't.

Scammers are already prowling about.

If in doubt, scan all your drives and just in case reformat and reinstall, its what I'd do and get a good add blocker installed, and check passwords and security.

Windows 11 aint out till the end of the year.

And frankly, unless you have a real reason to push for it I wouldn't bother.

Just about every system in my house and on my network is no go for win11 my system just clocks in at minimum specs of a 2nd generation amd system.

However for the case of the users at least till I upgrade my system and my dad upgrades his I don't plan to install it and stay on windows 10 for compatability sake.

And since my old man doesn't need any more functions he will stay on win10 for the moment.

I have other family members that have old systems that won't even make the minimum requirements.

And due to covid its harder to get the exact system you want.

If I were microsoft, I'd actually give the same requirements as windows 10 for now.

Its a good idea to be secure but with the prices of stuff I don't think its smart right now to leave most users out of the loop.

But thats just me.

Anyway if you get a message about any update to windows 11 its fake unless you are an insider.

If you are then go get it and test it I guess.

I don't even have a system I can actually test windows 11 on.

On 28/07/2021 9:03 pm, Christo Vorster wrote:

Good morning again


I was informed just now that I could update my operating system to Windows 11. My question is:


Is NVDA 2021.1 completely compatible with Windows 11.


If the same question was already asked, and answered, I’m sorry for the repeat, but I cannot remember that I saw it.




Christo Vorster (Worcester, South Africa)

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